We are no longer trading. Apologies for any inconvenience.

If you are looking for edible flowers and garnishes please feel free to contact Dandy Pansies Instagram or email Dandy Pansies at

We aim to sell a mix of native and conventional seasonal produce. Please see details below re our weekly order cycle.

We are in the process of setting up an online shop. For now you can contact us directly or visit one of our fortnightly Sat morning stalls.

Currently we are selling Pirira and Edible Flowers weekly for delivery or pickup.

And the following seasonal vegetables are available at our popup stall.

Pirira (Warrigul Greens)
Karkalla (Round leaved pigface)
River Mint
Spring Onions
Rainbow Chard/Silverbeet
Red & Brown Storage Onions
Edible Flowers.

Please keep an eye on our news and social media for updates on what is in season and in abundance.

Pirira (aka Warrigal Greens).

Pirira (Warrigal Greens) $4 per bunch or $25/kg

Use like spinach, silverbeet or Asian greens. Great blanched, steamed or stirfried. Holds colour and shape when cooked.

Recipe ideas:
Pirira and ricotta cannelloni or lasagna.
Steak served with baked chips & steamed Pirira drizzled with olive oil and vinegar.
Excellent in a stirfry or curry.

Pirirra has similar amounts of oxalates in it to spinach etc, so it may need to be quickly blanched before use if you are prone to kidney stones.

Examples blooms picked Sept 2020.

Edible Flowers
$10 per 240ml punnet
$7 ea for 3 or more.

We can do specific varieties, seasonal mixes or pallets of colours.

Please contact us directly for info and updates on what is available. Many varieties of edible flowers are seasonal and sensitive to extreme weather and availability can vary.

Nasturtium & Spring Onion Seedlings

Orders, Pickup & Delivery

Please place orders directly to us by 5pm Wednesdays.

Free pickups Fri morning from welland near Karrawirra Parri.

$5 Delivery Thu & Fri to northern & western suburbs of Tarndanya/adelaide & the CBD.

Sorry no delivery to eastern or southern suburbs – Check out Wagtail Urban Farm and/or Village Greens of Willunga Creek.

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