About Us

Image is of Dominic and Holly holding some seedlings. Dominic is wearing a green hooded raincoat and holding some nasturtium seedlings. Holly is wearing a purple raincoat and holding some onion seedlings.

Who are we

Niina Marni, we are Dominic & Holly and we are the co-founders of Sovereign Soil Farm.

Dominic is a Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna and Italian person. He is a partner of Sovereign Soil Farm, poet, writer, photographer, Aboriginal Health educator and co-presenter of the ASH Podcast.

Holly is an English, Irish and Greek settler. They are a partner in Sovereign Soil Farm, a community worker, university tutor, gardener & gamer.

We are long time community/social/public health workers who have worked with numerous intersecting communities. We both grew up in rural communities and in conversation in early 2019, realised that we shared a dream of building a small farm and learning to grow food.

Our Vision

In a nutshell, Sovereign Soil Farm will provide affordable, healthy and sustainable food in a culturally safe and accessible manner; as well as work with communities to cultivate food and community resiliency.

We farm in reciprocity. What is often called organically. We are not certified organic.


We are deeply indebted to the knowledges and practices shared by various overlapping beings including; our friends and families; plants, animals, microbes, insects and the more than human world generally; Narrindjerri, Kaurna & Aboriginal people; Aboriginal and Native American people of Turtle Island & South America, Afro Indigenous and Afro American people; permaculture, ecological, regenerative, biological, & organic farmers; social justice warriors & decolonisation warriors; transformative justice movements; trauma, healing, health & wellbeing movements and many many more.

Books & Articles
Farming While Black by Leah Penniman of Soulfire Farm
Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Essays & Articles by Sylvanaqua
For The Love of Soil by Nicole Masters
Starting A Garden In Adelaide by Nadja Osterstock
Retrosuburbia: The Downshifters Guide to a Resilient Future by David Holmgren
The Market Gardener by Jean Martin-Fortier

The ASH Podcast (Featuring Dom)
The Big Shift for Small Farms Podcast
The Curious Farmer
Recorded Talks by Sylvanaqua
No-Till Market Garden Podcast (Turtle Island/US)
Farmer to Farmer Podcast (Turtle Island/US)
How to Survive the End of the World by Autumn Brown and Adrienne-Marie Brown (Turtle Island/US)
Female Farmer Project (Turtle Island/US)

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