We’re holding a fundraiser!

If you would like to support our startup fundraiser please click here to make a donation.

In order to be transparent about what money we are asking for and why, we have outlined further details below.

Most farms rely on inherited wealth, land and resources to get established. Structural discrimination and inequity are barriers to folks getting into farming. We have been gifted some access to land but limited access to startup money, machinery & materials.

There are 2 levels of fundraising we are aiming to achieve.

The first are basic items we need to get going such as basic hand tools, irrigation propagation equipment etc. to a total of $18679.
The second level are items that would make our lives much easier including minimising the time and toll farming takes on our bodies to a total of $28112.

It would be incredible if we could fund-raise a grand total of $46791


We have provided links to some of the more expensive items below this graph.

12m2 of organic compost879
General hand tools & power tools (shovels, drills, fasteners, scales etc)2500
Propagation equipment2000
Row covers – to protect from cold/heat/pests.1500
Tables, marquee & chairs for market stalls and workshops2000
15m hoop tunnel2500
Totes (for carrying & storing produce)800
PPE – Gloves, masks etc400
Bio Packaging500
Time and body savers
Quick Cut Greens Harvester $12901290
Paperpot transplanter & related equipment4050
30m Coccoon Tunnel/greenhouse4100
Walk behind 2-wheel tractor9192
Power harrow tractor attachment5268
Flail mower tractor attachment4212
Grand total46791
Itemised list of startup fundraiser costs

Hyperlinks for info on the more expensive items
Paperpot Transplanter Complete Kit
Quick Cut Greens Harvester
BCS Walk Behind Tractor
Power Harrow
Flail Mower
Cocoon Tunnel/Greenhouse

Note, some of these prices have changed due to covid19.

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