Farewell From Sovereign Soil Farm

With much love and sadness we have decided to bring Sovereign Soil Farm to an end.
We would like to thank everyone for their support, time and energy, particularly our customers. This has been a incredible journey for both us, with many lessons learned and friendships made.

The fight for food justice and sovereignty is an issue close to both our hearts and one we will continue to be involved with, where we can.

Keep growing your food, keep resisting, keep eating native foods and keep supporting Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Queer farmers.

If you are looking for edible flowers and garnishes please feel free to contact Dandy Pansies Instagram or email Dandy Pansies at dandypansies@gmail.com

Niina Marni and welcome to Sovereign Soil Farm

Sovereign Soil Farm is founded by Dominic Guerrera and Holly Giblin, who both come from social and community health backgrounds.

They follow in the footsteps of communities who know that social justice, wellbeing and environmentally sustainable food & farming practices are connected.

Sovereign Soil Farm grows native and staple vegetables and edible flowers.
We farm organically & in reciprocity. We are not certified organic.

As well as grow food, we want to support the cultivation of resilient & just communities.

We farm on Kaurna Yerta.

Food Land People

We honor the sovereignty and farming practices of the Kaurna people who have been living with these lands for thousands of years. We acknowledge the history of invasion, stolen land and food injustice and how these continue to impact Aboriginal nations today. Land is central to all Indigenous movements, as it is a connection to our identity, culture and stories. Sovereign Soil Farm will uphold Aboriginal sovereignty and stand up for food justice.

We grow fresh produce that is grown in reciprocal relationships with soil biology and related ecological systems (this literally includes everyone and everything). Our work draws on knowledges and practices that work with complex natural ecological systems. Nature is our driving force. These include Indigenous, permacultural, regenerative, organic, ecological and biological perspectives – we are here to work with the land, not the land working for us.

We are learning to live in better relationships that go beyond the human world. We believe that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food that is not only healthy for us, but also the environment we live in.

Access to land and healthy food is central to the inequity experienced by Aboriginal people and marginalised people generally. Our work honours those doing this work and we join with peers in our various justice movements that are also rooted in sovereignty.

Food, land and people are one and the same.

Aboriginal Flag designed by Harold Thomas.